Our Diesel Engine Plant or DEP is situated on 62 acres at Ranchi, Jharkhand. This is where we assemble, test and overhaul marine engines. In addition to this, DEP also has facilities for major overhaul (up to W6 Routines) of MTU S183, S396, S4000 and S538 series engines in collaboration with MTU, Germany. In May 2016, additional infrastructure was created at the Plant to manufacture portable steel bridges.

GRSE's DEP is fully equipped with a test bench facility and has highly trained service personnel. The Plant was modernised recently and it tied-up with MTU, Germany for the undigenous manufacture of engine parts.

The 1 MW Diesel Alternator (DA) for naval applications is also manufactured at DEP. It comprises a prime mover coupled with a flexible coupling to an alternator, housed by an acoustic and thermal enclosure. The complete assembly with associated accessories is seated on the steel base frame with resilient mounts. The steel base frame is provided with a set of mounts at the interface to the ship structure to provide resistance to shock and vibration. The DA features a closed ventilation system. It is equipped with all necessary systems required for operation of engine and alternator along with the operational safety systems for the equipment and working personnel for all Naval applications.

Completion of a Physical Tilt Test at 30 degrees for the 1 MW DA was a major mileston for DEP, Ranchi.

01 MW Diesel Alternator (DA)

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