Step – I:
Fill the Application Form & Submit

Step – II:
After the successful submission of Application Form, a mail will be sent to your given mail ID with One Time Password (OTP Number) and a link to proceed further

OTP will be valid for 2 hours only. Therefore registration needs to be completed within Two hours from receipt of OTP.

Step – III:
Click on the provided link in the mail to proceed further. Enter your OTP & submit

Step – IV:
Upload your documents & submit

The documents that are required to be submitted as attachments for Online Vendor Registration include:

Sl. No 17.
1. Annual report / Audited balance sheet and Profit & Loss A/c of latest three consecutive financial year along with their schedule (if any) and notes of accounts – with attachment *
2. Present net worth of the firm
3. Source of finance with borrowing limit & bank guarantee
4. PAN no/income tax registration certificate *
5. Service tax registration certificate
6. Valid state, central sales tax registration certificate
7. Facilities for water, fire fighting, security & medical
8. Relevant information with complete details about sister concerns / subsidiaries if any
9. Pollution control board certificate
10. Details of orders received in last 3 years for items under consideration *
11. Performance report for executed order, for which registration sought *
12. Have you faced blacklisting / tender holidays by any PSU in last 5 years
13. Details of PF & ESI Registration with attachment
14. Other information
Sl. No 7. (Supporting Documents)
3. DGS&D
4. Other Defence Dept.
5. Membership of FICC/ASSOCHAM/CCI/AIMO and other
6. Have already applied
Other Documents
Sl. No. 4 – Supporting Document for Category of Industry
Sl. No. 6 – Supporting Document for Nature of Business
Sl. No. 10 – Future plan if any in respect of expansion programme. Attach extra sheets (installation of additional machines/test facilities etc

1. Vendor Registration requires following documents only in .pdf file format.

2. Red Marked (*) documents are mandatory for registration.

Step – V:
An Acknowledgement of Receipt of submission of online Vendor Registration Form will be sent to your e-mail ID.

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