Vigilance is an important management function and it is very important from the point of view of the owner of the company. Not all decisions in a company can be taken by the owner. Most of the decisions are taken by the officers appointed by the owner, and the officers and employees appointed by the company. The purpose of vigilance is to ensure that the decisions that are taken by the officers and employees are in the best interest of the owner and the company and without being unduly influenced by personal inducements and insensitive to waste of resources. Apart from taking anti-corruption measures, vigil is also maintained against undue wastage of resources of the company. Vigilance advises the owner and management on various aspects.

GRSE Limited has a Vigilance Department. The Chairman and Managing Director acts as the Chief Executive on Vigilance functions in the Company. However, they act on the advice of the Chief Vigilance Officer, who is usually a Central Government officer and is posted in the Company on deputation by the Government.

List of present officers of Vigilance Department:

Vigilance Officers


Shri Abhishek Ranjan, IOFS

Chief Vigilance Officer

The CVO, GRSE occupies a unique position in the organization. The CVO advises the management on vigilance matters. When a complaint is filed, there is a possibility of vigilance in it, the CVO is authorized to decide that. The CVO monitors malpractices, corruption, and malpractices by employees and recommends remedial measures. The CVO monitors criminal misconduct and coordinates with the Central Bureau of Investigation. The CVO maintains close ties with the Central Bureau of Investigation and prepares an aggregated list.

The Vigilance Department deals with vigilance matters and complaints relating to officers below the Board level. The CVO advises on disciplinary action in vigilance matters not falling within the purview of the Central Vigilance Commission.

Board level executives and up to E-8 level and above including officers come under the purview of the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC). However, in case of a difference of opinion between CMD, GRSE, and CVO, GRSE, and even other matters may also be brought to the notice of CVC for arbitration.

The CVO advises the management on integrity treaties, public grievances, general changes to increase efficiency and reduce wastage, etc. CVO creates awareness on vigilance matters in the organization. CVO conducts seminars, addresses officers and writes articles on Vigilance Awareness. System improvement, monitoring, ethics and organizational culture are non-punitive measures to achieve the goal of vigilance.

The Department of Defense Production (Ministry of Defence) has jurisdiction over vigilance matters involving Board level officers. The Department of Defense Production has a separate Chief Vigilance Officer. However, the Department/Ministry or CVC can take help from CVO GRSE, even in matters related to Board level appointments.

As per the guidelines, whistleblower complaints under Public Interest Disclosure and Protection of Informers (PIDPI) should be addressed directly to the Secretary (CVC) New Delhi, should not be anonymous, and should be in a sealed cover, with capital letters on top of it. The complaint should be written under Public Interest Disclosure and Informant Protection. A complainant need not correspond with CVC, Ministry, or CVO on a complaint registered under PIDPI.

Anonymous complaints are not encouraged as per CVC guidelines.

There is a specific code of conduct for board-level executives and senior management.

   Vigilance Clearance Policy (PDF | 526 KB | English)

   Amendment to Vigilance Clearance Policy (PDF | 652 KB | English)

   Vigilance News Letter – April 2013 Issue (PDF | 499 KB | English)

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Telephone : +91-33-24698129

Postal Address : Chief Vigilance Officer,

GRSE Limited

61, Garden Reach Road

Post Office – Garden Reach, Thana – Metiabruz

Kolkata, West Bengal 700024

Email: vig[dot]cvo[at]grse[dot]co[dot]in

Posting Chart of Chief Vigilance Officer of GRSE

Name Start Date End Date Remarks
Shri Abhishek Ranjan, IOFS 04/04/2024 -- Full Time
Shri Sanjay Krishna Navhale, IOFS 26/09/2023 03/04/2024 Addln. Charge
Shri Mihir Kumbhakar, ITS 01/11/2022 30/06/2023 Full Time
Shri Venkateswarlu Talluri, CPES 18/04/2022 31/10/2022 CVO / HSL
Shri Subrat Das, IPoS 01/10/2020 06/04/2022 CVO / OFB
Mr. Dipankar Mahto, IP&T AFS 01/12/2018 30/09/2020 Full Time
Shri Subrat Das, IPoS 03/01/2018 30/11/2018 CVO / OFB
Mr. Asit Kumar Nanda 07/06/2017 02/01/2018 GRSE Officer
Shri Gautam Mandal, IRS 07/06/2014 06/06/2017 Full Time
Shri S. Rangarajan, IRSME 09/01/2014 06/06/2014 CVO / OFB
Mr. Barun Kumar Sahu, IAS 17/02/2011 08/01/2014 Full Time
Mr. Sanjeev Sood, IRSEE 01/07/2010 16/02/2011 CVO / MDL
Mr. Syed Kabir Ahmed, IRSME 01/04/2010 30/06/2010 CVO / BEL
Smt. Sujata Rai, IOFS 30/03/2007 31/03/2010 Full Time
Commodore (Retd) HK Verma 01/03/2006 29/03/2007 GRSE Officer
Lt. Commander Rajeshwar Singh 01/03/2001 28/02/2006 GRSE Officer
Commodore K Mukherjee 16/09/1996 28/02/2001 Full Time
Commander (Retd) AJ B Singh 01/09/1994 15/09/1996 GRSE Officer